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We Specialize in Local, Long Distance and Moving Storage Services Since 1999

Local Moving Services

Feel comfortable on moving day!...Fort Lauderdale Moving will arrive, on time, on the morning of your move and start the day right!

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Packing Services

Fort Lauderdale Moving & Storage offers a full range of packing and unpacking services with trained, professional packers to help you.

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Your Best Move Guaranteed

Our goal is to perform every move with extreme perfection, make our customers happy, and gain a quality friendship with everyone we do business with. Find out more about us here.

Working With Fort Lauderdale Moving & Storage

1. No Hidden Fees

We DO NOT charge extra for pads, shrink wrap, tape use, long walks, stairs or travel time. Be rest assured there are no hidden fees!

2. Personal Checks Accepted

Yes you heard right. We will gladly accept your check or credit card for payment on any of our moving services.

3. No Charge For Travel Time

Located in Miami? Palm Beach? No worries, we charge you for the time we work, no charge for any travel time.

we guarantee your best move


Our Moving Services

Free Moving Estimate

Simply give us a call @ (954)-565-4910 or or fill out the quick quote form and we will be able to give you an immediate quote over the phone, or via e-mail, and we will be glad to give you a free estimate in person. All estimates are done by Gary Muraco Sr. or Jr., the owners of the company. We do not send out salesmen to book your move and then pass it off to someone who is unfamiliar with what was discussed with you at the time of your estimate. Gary Muraco Sr. or Gary Muraco Jr. will be in full control of your move, the planning, & decisions made to provide for you a PERFECT MOVE!


I write this letter to thank you for a job well done. Having moved across state lines multiple times over the past years, I know how stressful moving can be. From the moment I got your company recommended to me by my realtor, to the delivery of the last piece of furniture, you have been nothing but a pleasure to deal with.

Anne Haig
Anne Haig

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Latest Testimonials

I need to personally thank your company for the great help and assistance to the community. Whenever we have a family or persons in need of help, you have always been there to render aid. Your fine work is exemplary, and I must thank you for the help to several needy families and their children in getting their things moved safely and smoothly in their times of need.

David Moore
David Moore

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