10 Questions To Ask Your Mover

Are you currently looking for moving estimates for your upcoming move? Did you remember to break out your questions to ask your mover or just get the estimate? Use this cheat sheet to help you get the most qualified mover for your next move.

1. Can you give me some references of satisfied customers?
This doesn’t always provide the most telling information: What mover is going to give you the name of a dissatisfied customer? But it can be helpful to ask past clients specific questions about how the company handled the move. In other words, don’t just call and ask, “Did you like the mover?” Find out exactly what the mover did well and maybe not so well.

2. How long has the moving company is in business?
Longevity isn’t always the only the only indicator of reliability, but a company that’s been in business for more than 10 years may have a solid reputation than one that’s been around only for two years. Also, check how long it’s been owned by the current owner.

3. What do you consider extra services and what do you charge for them?
Ask about furniture assembly, and hooking up appliances such as refrigerators, washers, and dryers. Also, how many boxes are included with the estimate and if the mover will include packing materials such as tape, bubble wrap and blankets.

4. If it’s a local move, how does your company charge? By the hour, by number of movers, or by weight?
Make sure this information is disclosed in the written estimate.

5. How the mover determine the weight of my shipment?
The mover can do this at either the point of origin or the destination. Your mover should be able to explain which method it uses.

6. What kind of coverage does your company would provide in case of damage?
Many companies will give you printed material explaining their coverage. If they don’t be sure that you have a written and a signed proof of the coverage that you want for your load.

7. Who does the packing and loading of the truck?
Ask if the moving crew is employed by the company or if they’re temporary or day workers. If you want your belongings to be treated professionally, you want professional movers.

8. Are workers covered by workers’ comp and public liability insurance?
Are you liable if a mover falls down the stairs or drops your entertainment center on his foot? What if your house has a damaged or your mover damages someone else’s property? Most states require movers to have workers comp in order to be licensed. You also need to be sure the mover is covered for property damage claims. Ask to see proof of business insurance.

9. Was I given the required printed information?
By law, any mover giving you an interstate estimate must give you a copy of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) -Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move-. You should also get a summary of the mover’s tariff (price list) for the estimate of charges, and an accurate statement on the company’s complaint and injury procedures.

10. Do you have a cancellation policy in case the moving date doesn’t take place?
Things happen at the last minute, especially if you are trying to sale your house and the sale doesn’t go through. Ask the mover how long of a notice you need to give them to cancel the moving date and whether there’s a fee involved.

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