3 Tips for a Smooth Summer Move

In this article, we review some good information on moving for homeowners, renters and businesses alike.  If you enjoy this article or have any questions, please feel free to give us your feedback in the link below.

Planning your move & Timing movers

So you just got the memo, your company is relocating you once more for the summer.  You sip your coffee and realize you will be moving again – “what do I do first?” You ask yourself.  For starters, you need to do your homework and review moving companies online, compare rates and even contact the companies to see how professional they are on the phone and how long they take to “call you right back”.  Moving companies usually create appointments and block schedules so they are sometimes booked months in advance.  Moral of the story is – the sooner the better.

Saving Money – What Should I Move Myself?

Many moving customers don’t realize the amount of money they can save simply by moving some of their own items and saving to big, hard to move stuff for the trucks. Chances are if the items being packed are very expensive such as fine china and porcelain dolls, you may be best to pack them in your own vehicle for safe keeping while the movers do the hard work such as the china closet or the armoire.

Being mindful of this will save you money and make the move easier by only using the moving company to transport items you simply cannot move on your own. This will save you money because pound per ounce, you will essentially be using the moving company to move less by helping yourself.

Prepping for moving day –

Do you have a pet that is going with you?  The movers will require the doors to be open, the floor areas clear, and most importantly, pets kept locked away in a separate room. Likewise, if you have small children, keep them with the sitter or grandma so they are not in the way of the movers – if at all possible.

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