Advantages of Hiring Professional Movers Fort Lauderdale

The advantage of using professional movers Fort Lauderdale is that they do the heavy lifting, packing and driving the truck for you. Also, they know the proper technique to assemble and disassemble your furniture at a fast pace. However, the moving process can be immensely stressful because after all, you’re entrusting the moving company to pack up all of your precious possessions, load them on their truck, and drive away to your next destination. While you hope they reach the same place you’re heading, safe and sound, add to that the chilling stories you’ve heard about movers holding entire truckloads.

But don’t worry, there are honest and careful movers like Fort Lauderdale Moving and Storage that can help you move any time of the year.

Services we offer

Packing services by certified movers who are part of the company for many years. We don’t hire temporary labor force to protect your furniture from damaging accidents.

Storage services with air conditioning to assure your belongings are in proper condition from getting moldy from high-temperature conditions.

Fine Art movers that can handle sculptures, paintings, prints, lithographs, and collectibles that need to be taken care of by professional movers Fort Lauderdale.

Antique moving services such as art deco furniture, porcelain china, crystal chandeliers and any belongings that need special care.

Fort Lauderdale Moving and Storage

We are a family owned business with more than 30 years of experience. Your move will be quoted by one of the owners as a flat rate price, or as an hourly rate quote, so you don’t have surprisingly HIDDEN FEES like other movers do! We will arrive on time, pay close attention to what you need to move, professionally pack all of your furniture at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Also, one of the owners is the driver, so the move is a successful warranty.

Call us today at 954-629-4525 or click HERE to fill out a quick form.

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