Choosing The Best Moving Services

Some moving companies are best for long distance and big household moves; while others can be ideal suited for moving from one apartment to another in the same city. You can also choose a company depending on how much work you want to put into a move. Here are the best moving services available for you.

National Moving Companies

National movers with well-known names such as Fort Lauderdale Moving and Storage, offer advantages such as full-service packing and shipping, as well as long distance and large load capabilities. Also, they may offer technically sophisticated extras such as online tracking, and computerized inventory systems for relocation and packing information.

Local Moving Companies

Local moving companies may also offer some, but not all of the services that a national mover does. Their trucks may be smaller, and they may not offer many services but maybe is what you’re looking for, in terms of size of your move, price, or availability. They may offer complete packing services, or they may only load and transport boxes and furniture on the day of your move. If they’re only doing in-state moves, they are bound by the rules of your state licensing agency or moving association but not by interstate moving regulations. Also, some companies like Fort Lauderderdale Moving and Storage are available for small moves just like a local moving company does, depending on your needs.

Self-Service Movers

Self-service moving is a hybrid method that has become popular over the last decade. It falls between hiring paid movers and renting a truck and moving yourself.

Here is how it works. The company delivers an empty moving container to your door, such as small portable containers or trailer. You are given a time frame between 48 hours or up to five days. Remember, you are fully responsible for packing and loading the container. The company then picks up the full container and delivers it to your destination. You will also be responsible for unloading it, and unpacking it.

Does It Sound like too much work? No problem, sometimes it’s better to hire the best moving services from Fort Lauderdale Moving and Storage to help on the day of your move! We are a family owned business since 1999 with an A+ rated record of successful moves.

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