Countdown To Moving Date – Moving Fort Lauderdale

Countdown To Moving Day – Moving Fort Lauderdale

When you are moving, time is what you don’t have. The countdown to moving date has started and even with a well-planned move, it will take longer than you expected especially if you are doing it yourself.

So the advice is, plan ahead! Moving companies and real estate agents suggest that you should start working on the move at least two months in advance. Anyone who has experience moving will tell you it’s never too early to pack away the items you don’t need daily. Holiday decorations, books, or the good china are things you don’t need on a daily basis.

Whether you start two months, one month, or a year in advance, begin with a calendar. Get one that lets you see an entire month at a glance. Write in the moving date and then start planning around it. Assuming a two-month schedule, your life will look something like what follows.

Eight weeks before the move

  • Pack aside, the first thing is line up the movers. Begin by getting free estimates from moving companies. If this will be a do-it-yourself move, check truck rental companies.
  • Make an inventory of all your belongings. Decide what gets packed in the truck, what you are taking in the car. Also, remember what gets put out for trash.
  • Start planning where you want the furniture in the new house. The movers already know the living room couch goes, but if you already know which wall it should go against, everything will be smoother.

Three weeks before the move

  • Arrange utility services cutoff. Schedule the cutoff for a couple of days after the move to allow for mishaps or a last-minute change in the schedule.
  • Find someone to help take care of the kids the day of the move.
  • If you’re moving into or out of a building with several floors, reserve the freight elevator for moving date.

The day of the move

  • If it’s a professional mover, accompany the driver to take an inventory of everything that will go on the truck to confirm what is on the written estimate.
  • Be sure the price is right and confirm there are not hidden fees.
  • Be sure to give the mover directions to your new home if you know a shortcut.
  • When they unload the truck, do another inventory of your belongings. Some trucks carry other people furniture because they might be booked for another move later on the day. You don’t want someone else’s boxes in your garage!

Fort Lauderdale Moving and Storage

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