Fort Lauderdale Moving Tips When Packing Boxes Yourself.

Fort Lauderdale Moving Tips When Packing Boxes Yourself.

Control Box Weight

When packing your boxes, it is a good idea to control the box weight. Set a weight for boxes you will lift and carry by hand. Think about the movers too because they might be the ones loading those boxes to the truck the day of the move. 

Most people can lift 30 pounds boxes repeatedly without straining their back. Boxes especially for moving jobs are usually rated to hold up to 65 pounds. Heavy items should go in small boxes, and the larger boxes for lighter, bulkier items. A good idea it to weigh the boxes on a bathroom scale to prevent overloading.

Start with what you won’t need

Pack the items you barely use and tackle big projects before moving date approaches. Start bringing down your belongings from the attic is you have one or start with cluttered closets and the junk room. When you’re done with these areas of your house, it may look like you’ve made no progress at all, but don’t stress yourself. You’ll soon see rapid improvement when you start giving away things you don’t want to use and send for donation. Remember pack everyday kitchen items last so you can use them as long as possible.

Packing small items

Small items like Teapot lids, glass miniatures or collectibles can be prevented from being lost, broken, or mistakenly thrown out from packing other items. With packing paper, wrap them in brightly colored tissue paper before placing them in the box, so it’s easy to identify that fragile items are in a box. You can also wrap them in the usual packing paper or bubble wrap, then place them in a gallon size resealable bag with a FRAGILE sticker affixed.

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