Get Appraisals Of Your valuables – Movers Fort Lauderdale

Get Appraisals of your valuables – Movers Fort Lauderdale

Make an inventory to identify and document your most valuable items, like museum quality collections, fine china, crystals, silver service, imported rugs, rare books, and fine artwork.  

Provide a description and an appraised value for each item especially if it’s an artwork that costs thousands of dollars.

A moving truck or trailer is sometimes a magnet for thieves. While your movers Fort Lauderdale are loading and unloading, make sure that all boxes and possessions are either in view or under padlock at all times. People driving by and thieves can steal some of the boxes without anyone noticing. Be careful if the path from your home to the moving truck involves a turning a corner or stairs.

Have your most valuable items appraised before you move, especially if it is very old. Have the paperwork to justify any claim for the current value of the item in case anything goes wrong. It’s a good idea to take a photo of the item with the appraisal document. Keep this paperwork with other important papers that you will carry with you.

Avoid labels that invite theft

There are numerous stories of families that labeled the outside of their boxes with detailed information such as “fine china” or “computer” and while the movers were gone for a short time doing packing inside the house, thieves broke in and stole the labeled boxes. For your most precious belongings, consider using a less obvious name on the label. You could use a code-name or use a separate color label.

Carry all valuable papers in a briefcase for safekeeping

Items with credit card numbers, bank checks, stock certificates and bonds, tax records, IRAs, real estate papers, list of user names and passwords, legal documents like passports, etc. For peace of mind, hand carry irreplaceable photos and negatives, computer software, jewelry, coin and stamp collections, or sports memorabilia to your new home. Or have them shipped via certified mail and keep the receipt with you.

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