Movers Fort Lauderdale: How To Avoid Internet Moving Scams

We all know the internet is great to compare prices but doesn’t guarantee a good service. If somebody is going to charge you less than the going rate, expect them to provide less service too. As the old saying says: You will get what you pay for. Many online internet movers are brokers who will turn your shipment over to an available carrier. If you’re getting a price over the web, ask then who is handling your move.

A reliable mover should come to your home and give you an estimate of what you’re moving. Scam movers may try to give you a price over the phone or even the internet without seeing you household furnishing.

If reliable movers Fort Lauderdale ask for a deposit after doing an inventory, it will be a small one. If someone asks for a large deposit, it’s probably a scam.

Legitimate movers charge by the weight, as verified on a state-inspected scale. Scams movers charge by the square foot or cubic foot, which you cannot easily verify.

A reputable moving company like Fort Lauderdale Moving and storage will send to your home a moving estimator. The special thing about this company is that the estimators are the owners of the company, so more reliable accurate pricing than that you won’t get anywhere. Also, the drivers of the company are part of the family business, and they provide an excellent service like no other moving company in South Florida.

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