Moving Company Service Options

You know the day of your move is approaching, and you haven’t made a desition on hiring a moving company or doing it yourself. What options are out there? You may decide to use all the moving company service options, or you may opt for only some of them or even hire out parts of the moving process to other vendors altogether. 

Loading and Transport Only

You’re responsible for packing, labeling, and organizing all of your boxes. Just remember, most companies do not accept liability for boxes that they haven’t packed. You’re also responsible for disassembling furniture and unhooking any appliances and then assembling and hooking up everything in your new home.

Partial Packing

Because movers don’t accept liability for boxes they haven’t packed, you should consider packing unbreakables items like clothing and books yourself and paying the mover to handle items that could get damaged in the move.

Speciality Items

You may decide to hire a separate specialized packer or mover to prepare and move musical instruments, artwork, or valuable antiques.

Total Package

The moving company is responsible for packing your entire household, transporting it, and unpacking and setting up in your new home. It’s an option that requires more money if you’re paying it yourself, but it’s often included in corporate relocation packages. Be aware that “packaging everything” means just that, so if you’re planning on leaving things behind or transporting some items yourself, you’ll need to keep these separate. Make it clear to movers that you’re doing so on the day of the moving estimate or after they arrive with the moving truck to your home.

Did You Decide To Hire A Professional Mover?

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