Moving across country? Or, even to the next state…Feel comfortable with your mover when you are moving and traveling many miles to your new home. Fort Laudedale Moving & storage, Inc. will help you carefully plan your long distance move from start to finish. We are able to transport your household goods, motorcycle, jet ski, boat, etc., safely & professionally.

long-distance-trailerWhen transporting household goods, cars, boats, etc., It’s very important to make sure your your long distance carrier is licensed & insured to travel interstate, from state to state. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is very discipline and regulated in the action of unlicensed companies that do not have their long distance rights. You don’t want to be in the situation that the Department of Motor Vehicles shut down a truck with your furniture on it, causing a serious problem with your delivery.

Fort Lauderdale Moving & Storage, Inc. has an excellent safety rating with The F.M.C.S.A. We will safely handle your goods in a clean organized truck, with drivers & movers who are drug tested, & carry commercial drivers licenses only. We will arrive at your home out of state in the morning time only. Other transporters may want to deliver late at night, or even make you wait several weeks for your delivery. Our drivers will load, drive, & deliver in an exclusive manor. We fully inventory all of your items and carefully pad wrap & shrink wrap your furniture to ensure a safe NO DAMAGE delivery!

Simply give us a call @ (954)-565-4910 or e-mail and we will be able to give you an immediate quote over the phone, or via e-mail, and we will be glad to give you a free estimate in person. All estimates are done by Gary Muraco Sr. or Jr., the owners of the company. We do not send out salesmen to book your move and then pass it off to someone who is unfamiliar with what was discussed with you at the time of your estimate. Gary Muraco Sr. or Gary Muraco Jr. will be in full control of your move, the planning, & decisions made to provide for you a PERFECT MOVE!

We GUARANTEE, you will be happy, and you will recommend our company to your family & friends. We work for reputation and carry an outstanding & ongoing relationship with all of our customers.